Mint was Dylan’s first restaurant, a small but very formal high street restaurant that was hailed by critics and customers alike. Mint very quickly earned a Michelin star and remains in the memory of diners who were fortunate enough to experience Dylan’s first early expression of what some might call; fussy, artistic, fine dining.

Rustic Stone
“At Rustic Stone our philosophy is simple. We source the best seasonal ingredients, then we apply simple techniques to extract the most flavour, while giving you the information you need to add nutrition and structure to your diet. The produce I’ve chosen and our demand for freshness is the corner stone of our Rustic idea, while providing a healthy but affordable eating approach.” Dylan McGrath

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“Raw is a simple concept of applying less heat to food, this allows the ingredients in their purest form to dominate the flavour. Raw to revitalise… served in an accessible rustic style… where flavour and affordability for everyone is our primary goal.” Dylan McGrath

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Brasserie Sixty6
Brasserie Sixty6 delivers straightforward plates of superb, high quality food to its diners in funky, stylish surroundings, all at a reasonable cost. It’s the perfect party venue, with relaxed comfort food and a carefully chosen wine list. The simple rotisserie menu is a great choice for Christmas parties. Or you can kick back with friends an enjoy a relaxed Sunday brunch with familiar crowdpleasers like our Huge Sausage Sandwich and the legendary Long Burger. Brasserie Sixty6 uses only the finest ingredients, sourced locally from the most reputable butchers, fishmongers, green grocers and artisan bakers.

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Fade Street Social
Fade Street Social is an ambitious new project that will develop into two restaurants; aimed at cooking Irish for the Irish. Its approach will be another departure from the formality of fine dining, while trying to capture our unique sense of humour. In this huge 8000sq ft. space, again, Dylan’s fantastic creative team have tried to capture a number of uniquely different yet subtly connected brands all under one roof. It seems that the main beneficiary in the current economic climate is the diner, as restaurateurs have been forced to sharpen their offerings. As a result, people can enjoy superbly high standards at affordable prices. Dylan is hell bent in continuing to offer creative, exciting new concepts that are quite simply for everyone, delivering great quality and great flavour in a relaxed setting.

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Taste at Rustic
Taste at Rustic is an exciting new restaurant in the heart of Dublin City. A new food experience by Dylan McGrath to explore the idea of flavour, tastes and in the room cooking, while being influenced by Japan, Spain and South America.

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