Dylan and Erika have been working together for the last few years on many projects. “It’s great to see so many restaurants and hotels worldwide being proactive and encouraging more change into people’s eating habits and lifestyles,” says Erika. “Eating out should be a pleasure, where taste is paramount, but we are also concerned with originality, sustainability and affordability. More and more people are concerned about what they consume and how it affects their body and mind…why should Ireland be any different?” Dylan adds, “Appealing to tourism and catering for well-travelled conscientious visitors and Irish people alike, we feel the need to pass on our expertise to encourage healthy living and lifestyle choices. It is all about the produce and what we do with it when we get it. This is something that we both feel passionate about.’

Erika says, “Many health issues are preventable and also reversible; we just need to look at our activity levels and what we are eating in terms of food choices.” Dylan adds, “What we are always trying to do is make healthy food taste delicious and look sexy. We want people to make the right choice as to what to eat but we want it to taste great without patronising people. We make it easy for everyone to navigate around the menu and choose for themselves.”

We’re increasingly aware of bars, hotels, country houses and restaurants, both at home and abroad, that are eager to adapt to people’s new found awareness of healthy choices. We have worked on creating and designing menu offerings to cater for the shift in people’s demand for flavour and clean choices.

Together with our combined skills, and years of experience, we can analyse your business offering, planning your menus carefully to bring new and exciting dishes to your customers and a fresh new dimension to your business.

Many restaurateurs and hotel groups have already benfitted from our expertise. This innovative approach has significantly improved their business, bringing a creative and profitable new dimension to their food offering.

Erika Doolan began her research in Nutrition and fitness back in 2003 as a result of her own medical conditions.  After many years of trying everything, Erika finally changed her life dramatically through diet and lifestyle. Erika is a nutrition practitioner with a passion for motivating her clients to lose weight and reach their nutrition goals. A consultation with Nutritionist, Erika Doolan will help you identify the underlying causes of your health concerns and support you on the road back to health and happiness! The food we eat can have a dramatic effect on our health and well-being.

A thorough case history analysis, measuring body fat and weight. A practical, balanced, easy-to-follow healthy eating plan is designed to suit the client’s needs and lifestyle. For further information contact Erika at or log on to